With 1.5 billion smartphones sold every year and the market demand for them increasing every day, there is a serious risk of losing sight of the consequences for us as humanity and for the environment we live in.

LCDWe need to raise public awareness of modern technological trends that are harming humanity and our planet, and provide them with information on how we can
have a positive and sustainable impact by reducing the
wasteful use of the most common communication,
work and leisure tools in society, such as smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.
As well as supporting the local economy and ecosystem.

AITEK is dedicated to creating new opportunities, to provide the latest solutions and technological development for the screen refurbishment and recycling industry in Portugal. The team is working towards a new working culture, supporting Portuguese local production, applying technology to eco-friendly and natural working tools such as solvents made from oranges, etc.

Technologies are connecting the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting on all disciplines, economies and industries. Working together we can make screens recycling and refurbishing very accessible and easy-to-find tool to make the most of our devices, building a more sustainable world together and creating educational basics to work hand-in-hand with nature.